Client : TotalFinaElf

Location : Atuf, Yemen

Awarded Date : May, 2001

Completion Date : May, 2002

Project Scope : Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction, and Commissioning.

Work Disciplines : Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Tankage, Piping, Pipelines, Electrical, Instrumentation, Painting.

This project was awarded to HAWK INTERNATIONAL in a Joint Venture with MIS, Sharjah who were responsible for the majority of the Engineering and Procurement.

The work involved establishing a pipeline right-of-way across 30 KM of desert terrain, laying, welding and testing the required 6" and 8" lines and tying in to wellhead and pipeline facilities.

Plant work involved process and design engineering, procurement of the majority of materials with some equipment being supplied by the Client. Plant works involved the construction of produced water injection facilities, manifolds and piping, erection of vessels, pump installations, an MCC room expansion and all associated electrical and instrumentation works. This work all was supervised by a HAWK INTERNATIONAL construction team including full onsite planning, site engineering, material and quality control support.