In honor of outstanding HSE performance and dedication, we gladly thank HAWK International for the achievement of (3.500.000) safe work man hours without LTI/Illness at (Kharir Power Plant Project) in the year of 2012.

Mr. Louis Caramel

DNO's Yemen operations achieved the outstanding milestone in recording "Zero Lost Time Incidents". This is an exceptional safety-in the-work-place accomplishment and one that everyone associated with our operations can be justifiably proud of.

In recognition and in celebration, we are pleased to present HAWK International with "Safety Achievement Award Plaque".

DNO Yemen AS considers the health, safety and welfare of all personnel to be of prime importance and thanks HAWK International for all its efforts in assisting us in reaching this milestone.

Mr. Colin Kramer
DNO Yemen AS

We appreciate efforts of HAWK International on the occasion of one year passed without any accident on Kharir (CPU Symops Flare System Upgrade Project).

Congratulations and keep up the good efforts.

Mr. Hans Huijsman

We would like to thank HAWK International Finance & Construction Co. Ltd. for the HSE Milestone Achievement of (3.556.686) man hours worked without lost time accident on (Yemen LNG UPSTREAM Project KPU & CPU Site).

Mr. Sergio Tiradani
Yemen LNG Company Ltd.

It is with great pleasure that Canadian Nexen Yemen's Environment Health and Safety Department and the Masila Expansion Group recognizes the outstanding safety record of HAWK International on their recently completed power plant construction project.

A total of (630.000) man hours of work were completed without sustaining a lost time accident during the construction and commissioning phases of these two power plants.

This is an enviable record, which was due in no small part to the efforts of HAWK International's on-site supervisory staff. Their pro-active approach to the safety of their personnel and compliance with Canadian Nexen's EH&S policies and procedures was noted and appreciated.

Mr. Alan Phillips
Canadian Nexen

The staff of Man B&W Canada Ltd. would like to give our congratulations to HAWK International for the completion of the two 20-megawatt powerhouses located at the Masila C.P.F. site for Canadian Nexen Petroleum of Yemen.

The work was done in a professional matter and with an excellent safety record with a total of (659.895) man hours without a single accident.

Mr. Marvin Smith
Man B&W

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and the company's appreciation to HAWK International that worked so diligently to get the construction of approximately 65km pipeline and 12km flowline including tie-in and the construction of Central Processing and custody Transfer Facility. All activities were completed on time and in accordance with design specifications.

The work was done in a professional manner and with an excellent safety record without a single accident.

A significant team effort was needed to ensure minimum impact and your company's part in that team has been recognized by Dove Energy Limited.

Mr. Stewart Ahmed
Dove Energy Ltd.

HAWK International performed all civil work activities associated with our (3) wells 1995 exploratory drilling program in the Garan Block 3 area onshore Yemen. This work included construction of (3) drilling locations, desert road construction, desert airstrip construction, and maintenance of field roads.

I have found HAWK International to be a very professional and competent organization throughout the performance of their work program. All civil work activities were completed on time and in accordance with design specifications.

I would highly recommend HAWK International for future work in the area of civil work activities.

Mr. T.W Harrison
Chevron International (Yemen) Limited