Client : Ministry of Equipment &Transport, Djibouti Road Agency (ADR)

Location : Heron, Djibouti

Awarded Date : September, 2015

Completion Date : January, 2016

Project Scope : Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the Streets at Heron.
This project was awarded to Hawk International by the Ministry of Equipment and Transport and his agency (Djibouti Road agency (ADR).
The scope of work was to rehabilitate 1.3km road which was located at a very congested but important area of Djibouti. Also to provide rain water drainage facility.
The activities involved were, excavation of the existing asphalt road, Backfill (20 cm), Foundation (15 cm), Base Course (15 cm), Laying of 5cm wearing course, Installation of curbstones and gutters along the road, associated Painting works, raising the level of existing manholes and changing their damaged and corroded cast iron covers.