Client : Ministry of Equipment and Transport, Djibouti Road Agency (ADR)

Location : Venice roundabout, Djibouti

Awarded Date : September, 2015

Completion Date : January, 2016

Project Scope : Rehabilitation and restoration of the Hydraulic Structure at Venice.
The scope of work was to repair of the underground storm water/sewerage drainage system (pipe culverts) and rehabilitation of the road at Venice roundabout.
The activities involved were:
The excavation of the destroyed part of the hydraulic structures which is 40m length, Rock fill of the bottom to avoid the raising of the water to the new structure, Installation of concrete channels, Installation of pipes culvert, Concrete casing of the channel and the pipes culvert, 50 cm backfill, 20 cm foundation, 20 cm base course, 2 layer of Asphalt (7cm Gravel bitumen and 5 cm wearing course), Reinstatement of the site, Shore protection with big stones of around 1ton each.