Client : Yemen Hunt Oil Company

Location : Al-Raja Gas Field, Yemen

Awarded Date : December, 1998

Completion Date : December, 1999

Project Scope : Expansion of Existing Gas Cycling Facilities.

Work Disciplines : Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural Steel and Civil Construction.

December 1998, Yemen Hunt awarded HAWK INTERNATIONAL the contract for construction of an expansion to the existing Gas Cycling Facilities at Al-Raja, for processing an additional 325 MM scfd and 13 mbd gas liquids.

The Gas Cycling expansion included the installation of Low Temperature Separators, Gas/Gas Exchangers, Frame 5c Gas Fueled Centrifugal Gas Compressor Train with auxiliary equipment including 1st & 2nd Stage Scrubbers, Inter Stage & After Coolers, Lube Oil Cooler and Lube Oil Filter, Lube Oil Tank, Fuel Gas Filter Separator, Gas Fueled Power Generators including coolers and new concrete MCC Building.

As well as additional plant facilities, expansion of the existing 16" production manifold & 12" re-injection manifold was included. This was to accommodate new production and re-injection flowlines, which were also carried out under this contract. There was added complexity to this project, as this construction was done working along side an existing facility producing pressures in excess of 5,000 psi. This required stringent attention to work procedures. Several "Hot Taps" were undertaken with over 40 tie-ins to existing systems, including expansion of existing high voltage equipment.

The Al-Raja site, being the most remote of Yemen Hunt's facilities in the desert, required special transporting of many heavy loads; in particular the Frame 5c Compressor with the turbine section weighing in excess of 85 tons. This was achieved using HAWK INTERNATIONAL's heavy duty hydraulic trailers and a specially trained team of drivers.

HAWK INTERNATIONAL completed this project on time with the minimum of production down time during "shut down" for tie-in operations.