Client : Safer Exploration & Production Operations Co. ( SEPOC )

Location : Block 18, Marib, Yemen

Awarded Date : August, 2008

Completion Date : February, 2010

Phase I scope of work included the installation of three (3) pressure letdown stations downstream of KPU 1 and KPU 2 gas injection compressors and downstream CPU 1 gas injection compressors, to reduce the pressure from 241 barg to pipeline export pressure. The three letdown stations are similar and basically include a pressure control valve and ESDV's.

Each pressure letdown station outlet was connected to a manifold collecting the residue gas from the pressure letdown stations.

The manifold at CPU was connected to a 30" Transfer line, installed by the PIPELINE CONTRACTOR. The Transfer Line is used to send the residue gas collected in the CPU manifold to the KPU manifold.

The manifold at CPU has a downstream connection to a gas metering station installed by the PIPELINE CONTRACTOR, connected to the 38" Main Line for exporting gas to LNG Plant at Balhaf.

Installing of the manifold at KPU and of the manifold at CPU, and connection of these manifolds to the 30" transfer line and to the metering station were part of the work.

The work for Phase I included pre-fabrication work, installation, tie-ins to existing facilities, pre-commissioning, assistance to company during commissioning and start-up of the pressure let down stations and of the manifolds.