Client : TOTAL E&P Yemen

Location : Kharir, Yemen

Awarded Date : November, 2006

Completion Date : September, 2008

Project Scope : Construction and Bulk Procurement.

The WORK consisted of the bulk PROCUREMENT, the CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION and the assistance to COMPANY for the commissioning operations, said activities including Project Control System in order to coordinate and continuously ensure quality, costs and time schedule, all as more fully detailed and complemented in the CONTRACT documents.

The activities cover :

Central Compression Unit

  • Installation of new compression facilities including 3x3 stages reciprocating compressors driven by Gas Engine with associated scrubber and inter-stages air coolers.
  • Installation of two (2) fuel gas units.
  • Installation of two phase separators, separating the multi-phase flow coming from well trunk lines.
  • Installation of new LP and HP flare.
  • Closed drain and open drain system.
  • Associated F&G and control systems.
  • New Technical Room and connection to existing Control Room of the CPU via a 2 fiber optic cable.
  • Fire fighting facilities.
  • Dedicated control station at CPU control room.
  • Utilities including 2 x Air instrument packages, 2 x Gas Engine generator units, 1 x Emergency / black start diesel generator.
  • Installation of 2 fiber optic cables between CCU and CPU for data transmission and communication.

Existing Production Wellhead Pad Wells (12 wells)

  • Dismantling of existing LP online going to Kharir.
  • Dismantling of existing wells flowlines and existing EPF separators located on each well pad.
  • Installation of HP piping, manifold, associated instrumentation including multi-phase flow meter and tie in points for chemical injection.
  • Installation of temporary pig launcher facilities, some wells depending on the multi phase flow gathering network scheme will be equipped with pig receiving facilities.
  • Installation of closed drain system, which include dedicated closed drain vessel for each well.
  • Modification of wellhead control and F&G panel.
  • Installation of solar panel to provide necessary power for the operating of each well.

Existing Gas Injection Well (1 well)

  • Tie in of the HP gas trunk-line coming from CCU to the existing gas injection well.

Production Gathering Network

  • HP flowlines going from the wells to a system of three new trunklines connected to the compression center manifold with pigging facilities.
  • HP gas trunk lines connected from the wells Compression center to the Gas Injection well.
  • LP oil/water line from Compression Centre separator and compressor condensate outlet to existing S2 manifold.