Client : Ministry of Equipment and Transport

Location : Tadjourah - Obock Road, Republic of Djibouti

Awarded Date : September, 2006

Completion Date : May, 2008

Project Scope : Construction and Asphalting Works (RN 14), Tadjourah - Obock Road, for a length of approximately 71 km.

September 2006, this project was awarded to HAWK International.

The scope of work included earthworks, drainage installations, rehabilitation by scarification of the existing road, sub-base, crushed stone base-course, asphaltic wearing course, double bituminous surface dressing and road furniture.

Work in particular included foundation preparation, crushed stone base (wherever required), prime coat and asphalt concrete wearing course and double surface dressing. Also, Irish crossing and box culverts and other drainage and protection works for a length of approximately 71 kms.