Client : DNO ASA, ( Yemen )

Location : Block 32 ( Howarime ) Tasour Oil Field, Yemen

Awarded Date : February, 2000

Completion Date : September, 2000

Project Scope : Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning of 65 km. Crude Oil Pipeline.

The scope of work included engineering and preparation of drawings for each of the pipeline stretches including right of way, road crossings and jump-over. Also, survey drawings, alignment sheets, piping drawings and details, civil work and all other plans and documents required to complete the work. Transportation of 225,000 ft of 8-5/8" x 0.250 wt x 42 ERW bare pipe is also a part of this scope.

Procedures, qualification and testing require welding procedures to meet requirements of ANSI B 31.4 duly approved by a recognized certifying agency and ensures all welders are qualified to do the work. NDT of the pipeline was 100% visual inspection, min. 10% radiography, UT/MPI of all weld joints. At critical areas and at steep loops 100% NDT was carried out.