Client : Sana'a Municipality Technical Affairs ( SMTA )

Location : Sana'a City, Yemen

Awarded Date : February, 2008

Completion Date : September, 2009

Project Scope : Construction of Fly-Over and Underpass

The scope of works consisted of Construction of the following :

a) Intersection No. 2 : Maliyyah Intersection (516m) (Police Academy St. and Ring Road) with a post tensioning prestressed flyover on Police Academy Street.

b) Intersection No. 4 : Kentucky Intersection (664m) (Zubairy St. and Ring Road) with underpass on Zubairy Street.

The project included mainly civil works in addition to the other, related to the infrastructure which exists in intersections and needed to be taken care during the construction period and also to be improved.

The description of the main items of works are the following :

  • Site works - Demolition / installation of brick stone wall and steel fences, reinforced concrete, sidewalk tiles, kerb stones.
  • Earth Works - Excavation, backfilling, compaction.
  • Concrete Works - Pre-stressed bridge superstructure, Reinforced concrete, plain concrete, etc...
  • Damp and water proofing - Vapour barrier of polyethylene film, protection bituminous epoxy coating.
  • Expansion Joints and Pot Bearings - Installation of expansion joints at columns and approaches, filler boards and sealants.
  • Provision of complete post tensioning system including anchorage plates, wedges, grout, ducts etc...
  • Supply and install metal hand rails, steel ladders including painting and grouting and cover plates.
  • Pavement Works - Bituminous concrete wearing course over bituminous binder course with tack coat application. Supply and construction of cast in-situ concrete curbs.
  • Supply and install traffic sign and signals.
  • Overhead cantilever sign structure including overhead sign.
  • Road Markings as per approved colours, shape and dimensions.
  • Tunnel lightings with tubular high pressure sodium.
  • Supply, install, test & commission storm water submersible pump.