Client : Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority

Location : Sana'a City, Yemen

Awarded Date : Jun, 2002

Completion Date : September, 2004

Project Scope : Strengthening of Existing Asphalt Pavements and Extension of Runway and Parallel Taxiway In October 2002.

This project was awarded by the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority to HAWK INTERNATIONAL in a Joint Venture with Eko, a company based in Turkey.

Civil works for this project comprised extension of runway 18 northward, by 250 metres, to obtain a total runway length of 3500 m, such a length being required for BOEING 747 operation in the City of Sana'a.

Another part of the scope was the extension of the parallel taxiway and construction of a new link at the end of the runway.

Electrical works consisted mainly of the extension or the relocation of the lighting system for approach lights, threshold and runway end limits, edge light and the temporary lights, relocation of ILS equipment, Vortac, Middle Marker and Glide Path.