Client : Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning

Location : Hodeidah, Yemen

Awarded Date : May, 1999

Completion Date : May, 2001

Project Scope : 65.5 km Road Work Rehabilitation.

In April 1999, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning of Yemen awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of the 67.5 km road connecting the port city of Hodeidah to the Oil Terminal at Salif.

The scope of the contract called for the rehabilitation of the existing coastal road. The contract involved earthworks, straightening the sharp curves, construction of concrete box culverts, construction of bed level wadi crossings, utility lines, widening the asphalt pavement, and upgrading the existing road to a double lane asphalt road. The pavement works included subgrade (40 cm), CABC (20 cm), stabilized base course (13 km), asphalt concrete wearing course (5 cm).