Client : TOTAL E&P Yemen

Location : Kharir, Yemen

Awarded Date : September, 2007

Completion Date : September, 2008

Project Scope : Civil Construction, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural Steel.

The scope of work for this project was to replace the existing degassing boot as well as the HP and LP Flare Systems (Flare Headers, KO Drums and Flare Stacks).

The detailed scope of work was broken down into Work Packages and Work Units described below :

Work Package 1 - Engineering

HAWK INTERNATIONAL shall therefore develop the DESIGN DOSSIER and shall carry out all complementary engineering necessary for the detailed definition, including optimisation, fabrication, installation, hook-up and pre-commissioning of the Plant, and for procurement of equipment and bulk material required for the performance of the Work.

Work Package 2 - Procurement and Supply

Perform all activities and works related to procurement, supply, transportation, handling and storage (as necessary) of the equipment, materials and associated items destined to be incorporated into the PLANT others than the COMPANY ITEMS.

Work Package 3 - Construction

This Work Package covers the following activities :

  • Company items reception, acceptance, handling and transportation.
  • Welding Procedures Qualification / Welders & NDT operators qualification.
  • Structural works.
  • Piping Spool prefabrication for tie-in and hook up.
  • Any other piping prefabrication and installation including support & valves.
  • Equipment Installation.
  • Electrical / Instrumentation Works.

Work Package 4 - Mob/Demob of Construction Equipment

Mobilize the necessary equipment for surveys, site preparation, installation & erection and pre-commissioning.

Work Package 5 - Installation & Hook Up including Tie-In

Carry out all activities and works related to the installation and hook up including tie-ins at CPU facilities requiring production shut down.

Work Package 6 - Installation & Hook Up without Production Shutdown (SIMOPS)

Carry out all activities and works related to the site preparation, civil & structural, piping erection and hook up, electrical and instrumentation, modifications at CPU facilities without production shut down and requiring SIMOPS procedure to be applied.

Work Package 7 - Assistance for Commissioning

Provide assistance to COMPANY for commissioning of the PLANT or part thereof to the extent required by COMPANY.

Work Package 8 - Safety Actions Implementation

This Work Package covered all the activities with respect to Safety. It was divided into two (2) Work Units namely, compulsory safety actions and safety improvement programs.

Hawk was responsible for coordinating and managing all interfaces associated with the work.