Client : Vintage Petroleum (Yemen), Inc. (Now Occidental Of Yemen)

Location : Block S-1, Yemen

Awarded Date : February, 2006

Completion Date : November, 2007

Project Scope : Civil Construction, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural Steel.

The general work scope included but not be limited to all excavation and earthwork, all site foundation installations, dike and sump installations, receiving, offloading and storing of materials and equipment, mechanical fabrication and erection of all interconnecting piping, pipe fit-up work, electrical installation including grounding grid, cable tray, conduit, and wiring, all off-skid instrumentation installation and testing, erection and assembly of all required equipment, site preparation and cleanup, fabrication and erection of all required structural steel, pipe racks, etc, site safety services, construction management and reporting, set up of lay down yard and assembly work area, setup of housing, electric power, and living accommodations for construction crew and the Company's project management team, startup and commissioning, Inspection and testing, generating and maintaining a complete set of Redline drawings for AS-BUILT purposes, and implementation of quality control procedures.

Major equipment items included electrical power generators, pressure vessels, reciprocating compressors, towers, burners, flare tips, storage tanks, permanent living quarters, vertical and horizontal pumps, integrated gas and oil treatment systems, piping manifolds, flare stacks, compressed air systems, sewage treatment, chemical injection, potable water treatment, dining accommodations, lift station, sumps, glycol regeneration, water injection, metering skids, scraper traps, along with numerous other packaged equipment items clearly listed in the specifications and drawings.